This is how we stand at the moment.

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This is how we stand at the moment. Empty This is how we stand at the moment.

Post  Hellyear^ on Tue Nov 10, 2009 4:45 pm

After I had a short talk to Mikkel, where he explained why he quit, I had some builled time, so I decided to make this topic.
This is how we stand right now.

Members of the clan in total.

Cold Winter
Red Dwarf
Massive Lagg.

We're working on getting a server as fast as possible, because Mikkel took away his, understandable of course.
It will probably be a Surf+Dm combined with either RPG-mod or WCS-mod. How many slot's we're gonna have is still unknown.

I will not force you to do this, but it would be a great help, if you guys asked if some, of those you know, would be interested in joining our respected clan, so we can grow even more, get more donators and a more healthy partnership to each other.

At the moment Cold Winter is setting up our new clan-website, with help from a friend, and we still suggest new ideas for the forum we're gonna have.


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