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Post  Holy **** on Sun Nov 08, 2009 3:55 pm

Posting to this site signifies agreement to the following site rules and privacy information.

Please maintain your activity level, in order to be still considered as a member.

We do not tolerate spam on this forum.
Any posts resembling spam will be modified or removed.
The author of any spam will be warned, if the author continue he may get blocked.

We do not use abusive language or insult some one.
Pornographic pictures are not allowed
Advertising is not allowed.

Show respect to all members, new or old, no matter what their knowledge level are.
Act nice to all members, we hate racism.

Double Posting
Avoid double posting. If you have posted to the wrong forum most likely one of the moderators will find it and correct the mistake.

Currency loans
No asking for, or offering of, loans. This includes buying something for someone "for a small fee".
Holy ****
Holy ****

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